0.5.3 Alpha Released

This release brings a number of small bug fixes, one library update (Substance released a new version) and a few new features.

First is block replacement: when a contact condition occurs and a block is replaced, it will now retain it's block mask and paint colors, including it's Alpha paint.

The second new feature is block auditing.  There are now classes in place that count blocks as they're placed and removed.  This data can be queried and reports can be generated from it.  If you pay attention to the log window whenever a world is opened or generated, you'll see a report on the world displayed.  Additionally, the world file format has been made more efficient by using this feature to only include meta-data for the used blocks, instead of all of them.

Third, there is now a translucent text box on screen in the upper-left corner.  This displays useful messages to the user, in response to their actions.  For example, this displays a message when the user tries to save when there is no world open.

Fourth and finally, there's a new tool: the Inspection Tool, which displays the name and description of blocks, masks or fluids that are clicked on.


bigblockengine-0.5.3-Alpha-bin.tar.bz2 8 MB
Nov 07, 2017
bigblockengine-0.5.3-Alpha-src.tar.bz2 1 MB
Nov 07, 2017

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