Placing Painted Blocks (0.26.0 Alpha)

Aside from a number of small bug fixes, this release includes one new feature: you can now place blocks, masks and furniture in a painted state.  To that end, the tool chooser dialog box has been modified with a small colored panel matching the current paint color with a check box under it, but only on the relevant tabs.  If you click the check box, when placed, that block mask or furniture will bear the paint color.  If you click on the colored block, it will take you to the paint tab

I know this functions in a slightly clunky way, but I'll be refining it a bit in the next release or two.  I've got a few color-picking related gui components to write first, but these will benefit the paint chooser, as well.

This may seem like a fairly pointless new feature, but it's actually in preparation for a fairly large overhaul of the fluid system to make it handle colored liquids.  Coming soon to this game is full RGB liquid paint.

You can see what this looks like, below:

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Version 0.26.0-Alpha Sep 26, 2020 3 MB
Version 0.26.0-Alpha Sep 26, 2020

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