0.2.0 Alpha Released

This is the initial release of "Buttered Biscuit Edition" of the Big Block Engine.

This now supports full RGBA coloration of blocks.  There are a great many changes to the rendering system to support this.  There are also a great many changes to the bootstrap mod, to make use of this new capability.  Most of the bootstrap mod's blocks support color now, but a few holdouts do not, largely because I could not get them to decently accept color without making significant (visual) changes to their textures.

Currently, there is no GUI tool for painting blocks.  This will be the subject of the next release, but you can get some idea of what will be possible by loading the "Color/Alpha Test" generated world.

There are a few small bug fixes here and there, too.  Fluids should separate by density better now (several of them had the same density before, leading to unexpected behavior).  Fluids can now be placed in cells occupied by anything other than a solid block via the GUI, so platforms now allow the placement of fluid in the same cell.


bigblockengine-0.2.0-Alpha-bin.tar.bz2 7 MB
Oct 10, 2017
bigblockengine-0.2.0-Alpha-src.tar.bz2 964 kB
Oct 10, 2017

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