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Big Block Engine

2D block-based mod-friendly sandbox game/game engine · By simulatoralive


Recent updates

Parallel Block-Based Physics
For the four years I've been working on this game engine, I've been slamming my head against a brick wall: concurrency. The question of how to process the bloc...
GUI Overhaul (0.26.1-3 Alpha)
The first of these three updates (0.26.1) brings a number of changes to the GUI. The first change you'll notice is the Java Look and Feel for the game has been...
6 files — 0.26.3-Alpha, 0.26.1-Alpha, 0.26.2-Alpha
Placing Painted Blocks (0.26.0 Alpha)
Aside from a number of small bug fixes, this release includes one new feature: you can now place blocks, masks and furniture in a painted state. To that end, t...
2 files — 0.26.0-Alpha
General UI Improvements (0.25.1 Alpha)
This update brings a number of small usability and aesthetic improvements to the GUI. Most prominent is the tool chooser dialog, large portions of which were r...
2 files — 0.25.1-Alpha
Better Error Reporting (0.25.0 Alpha)
This update includes a number of small, but very significant improvements to error handling, especially when loading data from mods. I finally dug down deep an...
2 files — 0.25.0-Alpha
Better Exit Cleanup (0.24.0 Alpha)
For user facing features, this update brings better clean-up on exit and should finally fix the hang and crash on exit bugs under Linux. It also modified the f...
2 files — 0.24.0-Alpha
Fix for Floating Actors (0.23.2 Alpha)
I discovered some odd circumstances where Actors would simply float in the air, unaffected by physics. As it turns out, I left out a check for a flag I was set...
2 files — 0.23.2-Alpha
Actor Physics Fixes (0.23.1 Alpha)
I found and fixed more bugs in the code responsible for Actor-terrain interactions. The first of these was causing terrain to remain after it's block or fluid...
2 files — 0.23.1-Alpha
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